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Simple Guidance For You In How To Grow A Weed Plant Outside.

by Sophia Jennifer
Grow A Weed Plant Outside

There are lots of reasons you might want to grow a weed plant outside. Maybe you’ve always wanted to but never thought it was possible because of your climate. Now that it’s spring and the world is warming up, maybe you should consider moving your cannabis plant outside. 

This article will explore the ins and outs of pot plants grown outdoors in different climates for different seasons. We’ll talk about the challenges of growing weeds outdoors, how to avoid them (and even some tips on taking advantage of them), and what you need for winter and summer growing conditions.

Why Grow A Weed Plant Outside? So why would you ever want to grow your weed outdoors? 

The initial and most obvious reason is that it saves money. An indoor setup can be expensive. You’ll need a space to grow, equipment and electrical use, ventilation, fans, and a lot of time managing and monitoring everything. Bigger operations also mean higher costs regarding real estate and business licenses or fees associated with a legal business. If none of those is an issue for you, why consider growing outside? 

The benefits of grow a weed plant outside over indoor growing go beyond just the cost savings, though – there are many more reasons to consider getting outside. Here are three big ones.

1. Quality Of The Weed Is Usually Better. 

Studies have shown that the quality of weed grown outdoors is higher than what you can get from indoor growing. It’s hard to tell why this is, but it’s generally believed that different terpene profiles are associated with outdoor and indoor plants. Terpenes are essential oils in the plant that lend different flavors, aromas, and effects. Certainly, you can get some great weed from indoor growing, and if you have the skills and the space, it’s a great way to go. With that said, the quality of your weed is likely to be better if it’s grown outdoors.

2. You Can Grow A weed Plant Outside More At Once. 

It’s easier to grow several plants outside at once than to grow them all indoors in different places at once. It’s hard to give exact numbers, but you could be talking about getting two to three times more cannabis plants growing in the same amount of time when growing outdoors. This is because outdoor growing has fewer regulations, and fewer things can go wrong. When you’re indoors, you’ve got lights, climate control, temperature control (or the ability to regulate heat and AC yourself), humidity levels, and much more to manage. Indoor growers often have to pay attention to details like how much light their plants get. However, outdoor growing is a lot simpler since you’re controlling all of those variables with nature instead.

3. Cost Of Materials Is Lower.

Depending on where you live, outdoor growing is much more affordable than indoor growing on certain occasions. If you know you’ll be growing outdoors once a year, or if running your weed garden is more important than the value of the pot you’ll make, then the cost of materials for outdoor growing will be much lower. It’s a lot less expensive to buy a pre-made grow box or buy materials to build your own with when it comes to outdoor growing since there are no licensing requirements and no other costs associated with it. Whether you’re using a grow box or building your own grow chamber doesn’t matter. Everything is much cheaper when grown outside.

How To Grow Outdoor Cannabis Plants

It’s important to point out that growing outdoors isn’t easy, or at least it’s not as easy as indoor growing. We’ll explore the different things you’ll need and how you can grow your weed plants outside.

1. Know Your Climate

We’re not going to explore the different climates all that much in this article, but we figured we’d quickly note some basic climatic factors. There are two main environments outdoor cannabis plants need to grow in. The first is rain and the second is “extreme weather.” We’ll talk more about these later. When growing in extreme weather, you’ll need to be careful and make sure you know what’s going on with your plants so they can withstand it. As far as rain goes, however, it doesn’t matter how good you are at gardening (even if you’re a pro) – rain will always get your plants. 

2. Choose The Right Soil For Your Location

The soil you will use for growing marijuana outdoors will be different than what you’d use if you were growing indoors. This is different because most indoor gardens have a drainage layer – essentially a layer of soil that holds the excess water and keeps the roots from drowning. This keeps the soil from becoming too wet (not impossible in a hydroponic setup) and helps prevent pests and mildew problems when they happen indoors. Outside, you won’t have that kind of soil, and you’ll have to plant so that your roots don’t get too wet. 

3. Setup the proper watering system

This is the most important thing you’ll need for growing outdoors (at least if you’re growing outside in a warm climate), and it’s the one thing you can pretty much forget about when you don’t have it. You should set up a dedicated watering system for your plants that allows you to get the water directly into their roots as quickly as possible. Many people opt for hydroponic setups to avoid raindrops and insects, but outdoor cannabis plants still similarly use water – so hydroponics works out just fine. 

4. Choose The Right Genetics For Your Outdoor Plant And Planting Your Seed In the soil.

A few varieties or strains of weed are better suited for an outdoor growing environment than others. You’ll have to decide what kind of plant you’ll grow to see which strains are right for your climate. For example, growing a Sativa strain outdoors is easier (and better) than an Indica strain. Here is a short list of the best strains for outdoor growing: Cannabis Sativa is better at adapting to heat than cold, so this is a good strain when you live in warmer climates like the southern US.

  • Cannabis Indica is better at surviving harsh conditions like rain and wind and doesn’t mind cold temperatures much.
  • Hybrid strains are great for outdoor growing because they have many of the best traits from other strains. They’re resistant to diseases, pests, and bad weather.

5. Use Fertilizer To Ensure Your Plants Grow Fast And Robustly

This is another thing you’ll need to consider if you want to grow a weed plant outside. Even if you know the exact strains, you’ll be growing. It’s still a good idea to use fertilizer along with them. Don’t just fertilize once in the beginning and then forget about it, though. You’ll have to give your plants fertilizer every time they start producing new growth or leaves and buds – at least during their flowering stage. The longer your cannabis plants have been growing, the more fertilizer they will need, and the stronger solution you should put out. In rare cases, you might be able to use diluted liquid manure instead of a synthetic solution – but this is something that’s up for debate. There’s a lot of debate about whether or not you can use real manure for fertilizer.

6. Don’t Over-Water or Over-Feed Your Plants

One of the most common problems that newbie outdoor gardeners face is overwatering. When you’re growing plants in soil outdoors, your plants will need more nutrients than they do when you’re growing plants indoors – at least if you want to get the best results from them. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to overdo it. You should be able to tell by looking at the leaves and buds if your plant is getting too much nutrition or water. When they show signs of getting too much nutrition, you know it’s time to cut them down. The leaves will start looking weak, showing signs of getting smaller and falling off the plant at some points.

7. Grow a weed plant outside need Protecting From Insects and Pests

If you’re going to plant your grow a weed plant outside, then you’re going to have to deal with bugs. You’ll also have to deal with pests. We’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: if you don’t take care of insects and pests when they appear in your garden, they will become a problem. They’ll multiply and spread quickly (especially if the weather is warm), so you must immediately pull those bugs off your plants. Spiders can also be a problem outdoors, but most of the time, they will stick to eating smaller insects like aphids and other bugs on the same level as them.

8. All Done Watch Out for Your Plants Till Harvest Time!

If you’re going to be grow a weed plant outside, then you should harvest time is the best time for it. Growing your plants indoors doesn’t mean you have to harvest them at an exact time, but if you have the option, we recommend growing marijuana indoors. There are a lot of benefits to starting right at the beginning of the season and harvesting right when everything looks good. However, there are also benefits to planting some seeds or transplants just as soon as they’re available – you don’t have to go with what’s trendy to get better results than other people who waited too long. The whole point of the process is to produce the best possible marijuana.


So, there you have it! All the things you would ever want to know about grow a weed plant outside. This guide will teach you what to do when you decide to grow your cannabis plants outdoors. You’ll learn how to choose the right place and even what plants are better suited for outdoor growth. If you live in a place where it’s warm enough to grow outdoors, then you should consider doing so. As long as you have the right tools, a dedicated watering system, and start at the right time, then you’ll be able to grow some amazing marijuana.

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