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Things Will Change The Way You Approach Crypto Marketing

by Ethan More

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all over the news. But almost none of it focuses on marketing strategies. That’s where we come in: This guide will teach you how to stand out from the crowd, because things are about to change- quickly. It’s time for a new way of thinking about crypto gaming marketing, and this blog will show you what it looks like. We’ll take you through a step-by-step process that makes use of blockchain technology and contextual advertising options to create more dynamic campaigns than traditional methods can provide. It seems complex, but our team has made sure the process is easy enough for novices to understand (plus there’s a handy cheat sheet).

1. Getting Started

First, you’ll want to set up your company’s goals and target audience. This is where you decide exactly who you want to target and how you want them to interact with your brand. Once that’s decided, there are four steps to follow on the way to creating a well-rounded crypto campaign:

2. Determine Overall Goals

Start by defining these 3 goals: 

• Who will be paying attention? 

• What will they be paying attention to? 

• Why are we sending this marketing message?

3. Define Target Audience & Potential Advertisers

Once you know where and why, then it’s time for who and what. Your immediate target audience is the market of your product or service, but you should also think about who else might be interested in knowing about it.

4. Find Creative Ways to Outreach

That’s the fun part! Now that you’re aware of your target audience and know why they’re interested, it’s time to figure out how to tell them your brand exists, where they can find all their information, and what actions they can take once they get there. You want to make sure that any user who has an interest in blockchain technology will have a seamless experience with every aspect of your campaign. This means finding creative ways to get their attention on all the available platforms Our site list is here.

5. Set Up Your Marketing Budget

Now that you know exactly what your company wants to accomplish, it’s time to set up a budget and find the best options for reaching your audience in the most cost-effective way possible. To do this you will want to do two things:

• Find out how much money your campaigns are going to take up, depending on all the channels you’re using.

• Find out how much money these same campaigns are going to return for your company in the form of new customers and profits.

6. Analyze Results & Adjust as Necessary

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to analyze which campaigns are working and which aren’t, and what you can do about it moving forward. Don’t be discouraged if you have to make some changes! Just because a campaign isn’t performing as well as you’d like doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad one. It just means that your company is not ready for that type of outreach. 

Here’s a quick guide to the five types of content that you want to be prepared for before starting a crypto campaign:

1. Blogging – 

This is an effective way of reaching out directly to your audience for link building through tools such as Medium or Steemit. There are plenty of other blogs where your content can reach people interested in cryptocurrency, but we recommend doing your research before posting on someone else’s site. You don’t want to copy content from other sites and then get a copyright strike for it. It’s better to work on your own posts and blog about topics that you’re interested in and would use to sell your product.

2. Videos – 

Videos can be used for all of the above, but they’re also great because they allow you to explain everything using examples rather than just vocabulary. You can get a lot of marketing value out of videos if you plan carefully and use the right tools. For example, crypto influencer marketing is a great way to go viral if you become well known enough in your space with high quality content. 

3. Photography – 

While not as interactive as the other two methods, photography is still effective in convincing people that you’re an expert in the field. Your images are going to speak for themselves and should not need much introduction, since they’re going to be what people see first when they come across your brand. You can use imagery like this to market your business online through social media pages  such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Podcasts – 

Podcasts are a great way to talk about your business and promote your brand. You can use this as a great marketing tool and create something similar to an online radio show. To set up a podcast you can use tools such as Libsyn or Podbean . This type of content is time-consuming and requires motivation for the host, but it’s still an effective way of reaching out to potential prospects.

5. Live Events – 

This is less common than some of the other options, but it really comes down to crypto igaming strategy. If you’re going to attend an event in the crypto space then you could easily get a lot of attention if you go into it with a specific message in mind.

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