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What Are The Top Five Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities?

by Sophia Jennifer
Medical Marihuana Facilities

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) regulates the state’s medical marijuana facilities. The Medical Marihuana Facilities in Michigan are licensed, registered, and inspected by the CRA for compliance with the Act. Michigan is home to a bustling cannabis industry and has one of the most thorough medical marijuana programs in America. With over 180,000 qualified patients finding relief under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA), there’s no denying that this state is an epicenter of cannabis research and legislation. 

Professionals are being utilized to assist these patients with their ongoing treatment and new innovative products explicitly derived for them. With that said, there are many different types of medical marijuana facilities in Michigan, and they have various licensing requirements. Each facility has a specific purpose and critical role in the state’s economy. 

Here are the top five Medical Marihuana Facilities in Michigan:

1.) Detroit Compassion Center: Medical Marihuana Facilities

This is the largest Medical Marihuana Facilities in Michigan and has 1,500 members. The facility is headquartered in Detroit, and the state licenses them to cultivate, process and dispense medical marijuana. They offer various cannabis products such as edibles, capsules, concentrates, extracts, tinctures and vaporizers. Detroit Compassion Center offer a wide variety of strains to their members. They also incorporate an in-house lab allowing potency and quality assurance testing. 

Packages are also available for patients with difficulty handling large amounts of cannabis. This company has been around for over twenty years, and it was the first compassion center in the state. Their focus is on both medical marijuana patients as well as caregivers that are part of the program.

2.) Compassionate Caregivers: Medical Marihuana Facilities

This is another large-scale center to cultivate and distribute marijuana. They have 7 locations that are all fully-functional facilities located throughout Michigan. These facilities assist people with debilitating illnesses that can alleviated by cannabis use. Their goal is to provide these patients and caregivers with the highest level of support. They have an extensive range of products available to their members and free delivery service throughout the state. This is also a Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities company with over twenty years of experience. All of their centers having experts staffs to assist patients and caregivers. So it’s an excellent place for people to find cannabis as a relief.

3. ) Green Valley Care Center: Medical Marihuana Facilities

This is a smaller-sized facility that serves more than a hundred patients each year. The center has been open for over twenty years and assists its customers with their medical marijuana needs. They’re not only involved in growing and distributing cannabis products, but they also distribute medical marijuanarelated information to their patients. The center is located in Grand Rapids, and it’s an excellent place for patients to go. They offer free delivery services statewide. All the products Which grown locally, and they pride themselves on offering their customers a broad spectrum of medicine. Green Valley Care Center specializes in various forms of cannabis, including tinctures, extracts, and concentrated products.

4.) Michigan Organic Solutions: Medical Marihuana Facilities

Michigan Organic Solutions provide a high-quality facility and it also considered one of the top centres in Michigan. They cultivate and process cannabis products. In the beginning, the THC levels of the cannabis product are high. So Michigan Organic Solutions Sells only, the low THC levels to meet the legal requirements.They also offer a wide range of cannabis-based products like edibles and tinctures. This corporation involved in the cannabis business for many years and actively involved in helping patients, caregivers, and doctors understand the benefits of medical marijuana. This Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities company founded by two brothers from Charlotte, North Carolina. They were very active in the market before moving to Michigan, where they started the doors of their company. They are well-known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service.

5.) Compassionate Apothecary: Medical Marihuana Facilities

This is a state-licensed marijuana facility that specializes in helping people with debilitating conditions or illnesses to find relief from their symptoms. Some patients have diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease, and they’ve found relief from medical marijuana. This company helps patients by providing them with the necessary information and support. This is a high-quality center that also distributes cannabis products to patients. They also provide massage therapy and acupuncture services to help their customers.


These are the top five Medical Marihuana Facilities in Michigan, but there are many more to choose from. These centres offer excellent services and high-quality medicine. The state of Michigan has been involved in the medical marijuana business since 2007. They’re all leading experts when it comes to helping patients find relief through cannabis. These five companies are owned or operated by highly trained professionals who take great pride in their products and services. They assist patients with conditions that would otherwise use hard-to-treat prescription drugs. There’s no better place for people to find relief than from these top-notch centres in Michigan.

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