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Why Is Grand Rapids Marijuana So Famous?

by Sophia Jennifer
Grand Rapids Marijuana

It’s not like it’s the marijuana capital of America. While it is one of the largest cities in Michigan, with a population of just over 200,000, it ranks behind others in the state, like Grand Rapids Marijuana and Lansing. And while some marijuana stores do reportedly operate at a lower tax rate than normal. It most certainly cannot hold a candle to places like Seattle or Denver, which are centers for cannabis commerce. It is no coincidence that many marijuana businesses chose to settle in Michigan. The state has a long and storied history with cannabis, one of the first states to legalize it for medicinal purposes in the early 2000s. Robert Russell, a libertarian activist, spearheaded this. He was also responsible for getting many other accomplishments related to cannabis on the ballot, including decriminalization and eventual legalization for recreational use.

Despite this early push by Michiganders to accept marijuana use. The state still has many obstacles that prevent it from becoming a weed-friendly haven. While it has legalized for medicinal use, the sale and distribution of recreational weed are still illegal. This has resulted in several businesses operating illegally, one of the main criticisms many locals have of their state government. So while it may seem like most people in Michigan don’t know how to pronounce Marijuana correctly. We’re very knowledgeable about what’s going on as a state.

The Reason for Grand Rapids Marijuana  Success?

While Grand Rapids Marijuana  may not be on par with Denver or Seattle regarding cannabis sales, America’s west coast cities are not doing well. This is because many have hit hard by the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They have attempted to crack down on drug-related activities to make America’s streets safer. So why has Grand Rapids Marijuana  still become so successful when everyone else is floundering? The answer is that local politicians have been making weed business owners feel welcome. Many businesses are protected as long as they follow the law and do not cause any disruptions to the community around them. A stark contrast from their counterparts in other cities.

This is something that has discussed at length by local politicians and officials. Kent County Commissioner Mark Hamann made headlines recently when he pointed out that Grand Rapids Marijuana  has the lowest tax rate on marijuana sales in the entire state, which the businesses relish. In addition to this gesture, many local municipalities have ensured their cities are as friendly to marijuana businesses as possible.

The city of Walker is giving out up to $100,000 for every business that signs a lease for at least five years with no disruptions. In addition, the city will also be providing a host of other incentives, including reduced licensing and occupancy costs. All this ensures that local marijuana businesses treated with the utmost respect and allowed to operate peacefully.

Economics and Marijuana do go Hand in Hand.

While Grand Rapids Marijuana  may be one of the most successful cities for marijuana sales in Michigan. It is not the cheapest place to operate. There are several other cities throughout the state where you can run your business without any issues. The state of Colorado, for example, has hit hard by federal crackdowns, resulting in a rash of closures throughout the state. And while there may be a significant portion of people in Detroit who support cannabis sales and drug reform. It’s only legal for medicinal use, and even that is done on the down low.

So while you may think that Grand Rapids Marijuana  is a great place to start your weed business because of our name recognition, you will most likely be underestimating the economic trouble many other cities face. Of course, other states welcome your business, but they may not have the same level of protection or security as Michigan.

In Conclusion: 

It all boils down to economics. Grand Rapids Marijuana  is a city of 200,000 people just south of Detroit. Although drug sales are against the law, taxes on those businesses are very low. The city is so used to the cannabis culture that they have found ways to make it work for them. It has also been allowed for medical use since 2005. Which has allowed Marijuana to become more mainstream than ever before. And while Trump and Sessions have taken over most other states and seen many of our fellow politicians become cannabis capitalists. Grand Rapids Marijuana  shows that there is hope for us yet to come out of this mess.

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